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The establishment of Good Neighbours Microfinance Bank Limited was born out of the passion and lifelong desire of the promoter, towards poverty alleviation and empowerment of Nigerians.

About Our Core Drive

We are passionate about disbursing credits, capacity building and financial advisory services to startups, SMES, workers, low income families as well as structured businesses. We provide portfolio management services for investors to ensure wealth creation.

Our Products Highlight

We deliver superior and effective microfinance banking and advisory services that promote creativity, create employment and empower businesses and individuals.

Daily/Target Savings

We offers you a variety of savings options to help start saving for your future.

Flexible Loans

Get Loan/Overdraft, Consumer Loan, Asset Acquisition, SME Loan & Group Loan.

Investment Note

Finances drives great business ideas, and we offer customized investment financing.

Fast Cash

Get instant funds to meed your urgent needs without rigorous procedures.

Client Testimonials

Our clients love us because we are always looking out for better ways to make their access to finance for any purpose seamless.