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We Offer a Variety of Customized Products

Our products are purely Client-centric to ensure that better living is achieved by as many who needs financial assistance.

Daily Saving

The product could also be called the popular “ Esusu Account’’ The product is for all categories of micro clients. - Business, Traders, Apprentices, Children, artisans, etc.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposits Account holders shall be encouraged to open any current account or savings account to enable the seamless disbursement of the fund on termination of account.


It is loan facility that allows an account holder to use or withdraw more money than what they have in their account up to the approved limit. Usually requires a turn over covenants

Target Saving

As the name implies, this product is designed to enable micro-clients save towards specific projects or events with ease. (School bills, House/shop rentals, house warming, graduation, weddings, child naming etc.)

Group Loan

Is the concept whereby loans are granted to individuals who form group as guarantee. It involves a group of people willingly coming together to borrow for the common purpose of expanding their businesses.

Consumer Loan

This is a specially designed product for medium scale entrepreneurs and salary earners of reputable companies like banks, oil and gas companies, servicing, multinational brands and telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

SME Loan

This is a product targeted at businessmen and women from all sectors of the economy. Loan required towards working capital enhancement. It is a term loan with flexible repayment pattern. The dynamics will be tied to the peculiarity of each of the business that is being financed.

Investment Note

Good Neighbour Microfinance Bank investment note is a certificate deposit account with specific tenure.

Asset Acquisition Financing

This product is for direct purchase of income generating assets for small business owners. The Objective is to enable entrepreneurs acquire tangible business assets that will boost their income generating capacity, which would be difficult to acquire on their own.

Why Choose Good Neighbour Microfinance Bank

When you choose to do business with us, you are partnering with a financial institution that cares about your growth and continued satisfaction.